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Zegners FinPlan offers 3 types of services 

solving different pain points of a young company:


A strategic business partner to the leadership team adding a new skillset for your start-up (or SME).

  • Financial & strategic planning

  • Smart decision-making based on data analysis

  • Cash flow, working capital & cash conversion cycle management (incl. inventory)

  • Return on investment (ROI) mindset to preserve cash and increase profitability

  • Performance analysis (current & historic)

  • Planning, forecasting & modelling business performance

  • Various analyses such as pricing strategy, customer contracts or capital purchases

  • Risk mitigation

  • Stakeholder management (e.g. investors)

Financial Planning
& Budgeting

A specialised project leader & finance expert helping to build a scalable infrastructure to manage your growing organisation and to support your CFO to take your planning capabilities to the next level.

  • End-to-end planning and budgeting process definition 
    (top-down & bottom-up)

  • Financial model and consolidation tool implementation

  • Financial model creation and sensitivity analysis

  • Business metric development

  • Risk mitigation

  • KPI´s & objectives,

  • Stakeholder management (e.g. investors)

  • Process documentation & knowledge management
  • Training and Mentoring for your staff

Pay for Performance

Connect your short- and long-term goals & targets to a meaningful and motivational compensation & benefits strategy using Pay for Performance schemes.

  • KPI & goals identification

  • Compensation strategy identification, e.g.

    • Profit Sharing

    • Annual Incentive Bonus

    • Long-Term Incentive Plan (LTIP)

    • Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

  • Target setting & performance measurement process definition

  • Target letter preparation

  • Guidance how to measure performance against targets from a compensation standpoint

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