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Business Consultation

Zegners FinPlan offers ...


Are you missing financial expertise in your leadership team but it is too early to hire a permanent CFO?

Hire a part-time CFO and
a true business partner with a strategic mindset to help your start-up succeed.

Key benefits

  • Financial & operational execution of your strategy

  • Smart decision-making with data & analysis

  • Burn rate & runway optimization

  • Financial Storytelling

  • Investor trust building

Financial Planning
& Budgeting

Are you a fast-growing start-up/scale-up and need to build
scalable infrastructure
to manage growth?

Enhance your planning & budgeting activities to support the operational execution of your strategy during your growth phase.

Key benefits

  • Structured financial planning & budgeting activities to enforce your new organizational structure and steer your operations

  • Outsourced project leader allows your finance team to focus on day-to-day & strategic activities

  • Burn rate & runway optimization

  • Clearly defined & aligned goals throughout your organisation

  • Improved risk management

Pay for Performance

Is your workforce growing rapidly and/or working remotely? Do you feel you need to enforce your goals among your workforce?


Connect your strategic, operational & financial goals to a meaningful and motivational compensation & benefits strategy using Pay for Performance schemes.


Key benefits

  • Engaged employees with clear goals

  • Top talent retention

  • Healthy company culture

  • Employee reward system with cash-friendly benefits

  • Increased financial flexibility

Book a free consultation

Here you will find more information about Financial Planning,

its value for young companies and how to link it to your Compensation & Benefits strategy

in order to boost employee engagement and recognition. 

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Welcome! Sveicināti! Bienvenue!


My name is Jānis Zēgners, a finance professional with ~10 years of experience in Financial Planning & Analysis at aerospace giant Airbus. I have also worked with HR on topics related to Pay for Performance compensation schemes.

Living, studying and working in various countries helped me to develop a strong international mindset and the ability to quickly adapt to new environments.​


After spending many years in large multinational companies, I felt it´s time to shift the focus to work with young but fast-growing companies and support them to become a success stories.

If you want to know more about me, go to 

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