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Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Welcome! Sveicināti! Bienvenue!

After 9 years working as a Financial Analyst at Aerospace giant Airbus, mainly in France, I decided to leave the company. Working for such a company in such an environment and with so many great colleagues & friends was truly a fantastic and valuable experience.

Airbus employees in front of HQ in Toulouse
Airbus Headquarters in Toulouse (© P. Masclet/Airbus)

I was considering a change for several years. But as for many of us, the situation in 2020/21 was a good time for reflection and a catalyst to finally take the step to change the environment.

Luckily, Airbus offered me a transition period to this new era. I was able to step back a little bit, re-energise and focus on self development, completing courses on “Compensation Studies” by Cornell University and “Entrepreneurship Essentials” by Harvard Business School Online (find out more about the certificates here). I am also currently completing the “Financial Modeling and Valuation Analyst”-Certificate by the CFI Institute.

These courses were a great experience to learn more about what it means to be an entrepreneur and the theory behind how compensation schemes can support your company strategy.

Another great experience was the participation in the pre-incubation (PINK) program offered by the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA). LIAA gathered various individuals with business ideas from the Latvian diaspora to participate in a six-month-long free program to develop our ideas (check out an article published in the IR Nauda magazine).

Janis Zegners in front of LIAA incubator in Ogre
Me in front of the LIAA Incubator in Ogre, Latvia, in 2021 (© personal archive)

After this period of self development I'm excited to finally implement my business idea and help young companies to find the right mix between being an entrepreneurial and mature company.

Stay tuned for more news and blog entries about Financial Planning in the upcoming weeks! And feel free to contact me if you have questions or remarks!

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